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If you do not have carpet in your home, you probably have tiles, tiles are convenient, especially when it comes to cleaning.  Every home owner and business owner knows that thhe regular sweeping and mopping routine will not give your tile and grout that deep clean that you are looking for. Here at Red Carpet Cleaning, Inc in Providence, RI we go beyond the surface cleaning we will get deep into your grout and give it the clean look that you want. With our equipment we will be able to get deep inside of your grout and really clean them.

Our tile and grout cleaning in Providence, RI service will help remove the stains that are deep inside of your tile grouts, we will be able to remove years of dirt and make them appear brand new. By having your tiles deep cleaned, cleaning them will become an easier task as there will not have as much embedded dirt in them. We will also show you how to maintain them looking as clean as we leave them.

After our deep tile and grout cleaning, which includes washing, rinsing and blow drying your tiles to remove any stains and will help with tile restoration. We will add a tile protective coat that will prevent any stains from sticking to your tiles and grout. This means your tiles and grout will stay clean for longer periods of time without you having to do much to them. 

By adding a protective coat on your tiles we will be making sure your tiles always look like new. Our professionals will be able to use the right tools that will work specially on your tiles.

No longer will you need to guess what will work and what will not work on your floors, we will share our maintenance tips and tricks with you.

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