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When carpets are first installed they look very nice and smell fresh and clean. The problem with carpets is that they trap and grab on to odors when they are not cleaned properly. Many people believe all you need to clean your carpets is a good vacuum cleaner, this isn't always true.

 You cannot get a deep clean and remove all the dirt and odor from your carpet by simply using your vacuum, you need special equipment. That is where we come in here at Red Carpet Cleaning, Inc in Providence, RI we will deep clean your carpets and show you how to maintain them clean.

One of the main reasons for deep carpet cleaning in Providence, RI is pet urine. Many pet owners that also have carpets on their floors know that pets such as cats and dogs love carpets. For this reason many of them will notice urine stains in certain areas of their carpets. Pet urine can get deep inside of your carpets and can cause your carpets to have an odor. When this happens your carpets need to be deep cleaned to remove any pet urine and deodorized to give it a fresh smell that will last you a long time.

If you have stains on your carpet that you want removed, we can help you remove them as well. Our team of experts will be able to remove any pet stain, juice stains any stains that has traveled deep into your carpet. We will also add a stain guard to your carpet so that your carpet will be easier for you clean and maintain.

No job is too big or small we do them all. Give us a call today to give your carpet the freshness that it needs to look the best that it can.

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